Break Out Plan

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Breakout Plan is an incredibly fun way to bond with people while doing something different and memorable. You get locked in a themed room, are given a story about why you are there, and then have an hour to get out as you observe your surroundings, find objects, solve riddles, and open locks on your way to freedom. We played these online and loved them so we played the real thing and loved those too and decided to build one.

Dead And Breakfast
A 60 minute room escape game that will challenge and excite, mixed with a dash of apprehension. Old lady Martha Crumble has locked you in a room in her Bed and Breakfast and intends on making you her latest offering. Using clues left by a former 'escapee', breakout in an hour or less to avoid your fate.
2-8 Players

Jail Break
A 60 Minute room escape that is far more challenging than it appears at first glance. The local Chief of Police picked you up to frame you for a crime he committed. Breakout of your cell, find the evidence that exonerates you and implicates him.
2-6 Players

The Dark Room
A 60 minute room escape game with nearly no light. A well known local scientist has gone missing. The reward to find him is massive. A series of clues led you to this building, but why? You find out once inside that missing really means mad. No light, madness, one hour...
2-6 Players

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