Escape Plan Louisville

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You have 60 minutes to find items, solve puzzles, unravel clues.....ESCAPE!
Escape Plan is a Real-Life Escape Room Game.

The Locker Room
Your coach has just received an email with a photo. It's your rival team with YOUR mascot! In an effort to squash your team spirit they have kidnapped Hawkeye and with only a week to the playoffs, you must get him back and rally your team to victory. Fortunately they have a game tonight. So that means you will have 60 minutes to get into their locker room, find Hawkeye and get out before they can catch you. Can you save Hawkeye and your reputation in time?

The Sleeper Cell Room 1
Your team is part of a special Homeland Security task force responsible for finding terrorist agents that are living in the U.S. posing as Americans. You have been expecting a call due to escalating reports of suspicious activity. An entire family has disappeared. Have they been taken? Why? So far, the search of their house has turned up nothing, but the moment you enter the attic you hear the distinctive click of a high security lock and notice a large timer counting down 60 minutes. Then you realize...
They are the Sleeper Cell!

Escape The Friend Zone
It’s the season of love and your best friend wants to propose to his girlfriend, only problem is that he can’t find his Grandmother’s wedding ring! He sent you to search his attic for the one item to save his relationship, his proposal dinner is in one hour! Can you help your best friend Escape the Friend-Zone??

The Time Machine
You know it is illegal for anyone other a scientist to use time machines but your report is due tomorrow and you haven't even started. Luckily, your Uncle Sheldon is a scientist, has his own time machine and isn't home. Si, it's perfect time for you and your friends to travel back in time and see first hand if King Arthur really existed. But you will have to be quick because you only have 60 minutes before the temporal portal closes forever and you will never be able to get back!

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