Fort Wayne Escape Room

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Fort Wayne Escape Room offers entertainment in a new fun, thrilling way. The concept is simple, try to find your way out of a locked room within one hour. Throughout these interactive rooms, you will need to piece together hidden clues and solve elaborate puzzles, and use logic and teamwork to make it out before the clock runs out! Our rooms were designed with groups in mind. Making Fort Wayne Escape Room perfect for date night, groups of friends, social and family outings, or corporate team building events.

Blackbeard’s Revenge - 8 Players
Escape or walk the plank in Blackbeard's Revenge - Yo-ho matey! You are a pirate sailing under the legendary Captain Blackbeard. You recently brought forward a couple of concerns to the Captain about the way he runs his ship…not the best idea. Blackbeard commands his fleet with an iron fist! You and your mates have been locked away in the brig accused of forming attempted mutiny against Blackbeard. You must find a way to free yourselves from the shackles and find your way off this cursed ship or it be walking the plank for you!

Patient Zero - 8 Players
The Deadly Z - Virus - It has been 1 year since the deadly Z-Virus has wiped out 90% of the population. You awake confused, in a locked chamber with a bump on your head. The last thing you can remember is going on a supply run with the rest of your group. After looking through the room you realize you’re not alone, MOST of your group is still alive and locked with you. No one can remember anything….Who captured you? Are your friends still alive? Has your group been exposed to the virus? Many questions…..but only one way out! Find who is Patient Zero!

Uncharted - 10 Players
The Secret Temple - You have traveled the globe in search of the hidden treasures of INCA ROPA, a mysterious ruler of a powerful ancient civilization. All written history on this society has been erased or destroyed. Leaving only a trail of intricate artifacts and complex clues that you have spent years deciphering, you only need the final piece to the puzzle, hidden in an abandoned temple.
You and your team of treasure hunters enter the temple like kids on Christmas morning! But they were expecting you. . . you walked right into their deadly trap designed to protect their precious treasure. Find a way out, or else. . .

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.

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