Brainstorm Escapes Champaign

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Brainstorm Escapes is an immersive experience! Your group and must solve clues and puzzles to escape the room before time runs out! What about entering a different world, becoming an agent, or a character in a story, and racing the clock to escape a room before it ticks down from 60 minutes!! Utilize your creativity, release your untapped genius and let the laughter flow in the newest and most exhilarating interactive entertainment and team building facility in central Illinois- Brainstorm Escapes!

Defusing the Oval Office - This is our beginner escape room!
Your group is touring the White House when your tour guide is notified that the House is on Lock Down. You discover that there is a bomb with you in the Oval Office! It is up to your group to hack into the president’s computer, defuse the bomb and escape the room within 60 minutes! Can you do it?

The Insane Professor Hunt
You are the first group selected to meet the notorious author of several conspiracy books, Professor Hunt, who has secluded himself in his mountain home for the last 20 years. The professor has requested that you decode his hints in the next 60 minutes or be forced to stay forever! The door slams shut and the hunt begins. Will you escape in time?

Big House Break Out (Coming Soon)
Your group has committed a terrible crime. Your sentence? Life in prison, no chance of parole. After settling in, you notice that there seems to be coded messages from an outside source. He promises freedom if you are able to decode his clues within one hour. Can your group break out in time or will you be forced to serve the rest of your sentence?

Rise of the Zombie Pets (Coming Soon)
The last thing you remember was walking down the street with your friends, but when you open your eyes, you realize that you have been kidnapped. Your group is trapped in a mad scientist’s house and are about to be used in one of his experiments. You must locate the other half of your group, find and destroy the serum and escape before the zombie brainwashing is complete! Can you decode the clues or will you turn into a Zombie Pet?

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