Dread Hollow

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Dread Hollow 2020
Reports of strange and sinister events are surfacing in Dread Hollow, a town forever cursed from evil spawned centuries ago.

In a bizarre twist of events, Ravens Gate Prison opens its doors for public tours of the infamous facility known for heinous and foul experiments conducted on inmates. Claims of blood-curdling screams and inhuman sounds echoing in the corridors of the prison are surfacing. An investigation is currently underway in the disappearance of several visitors last seen entering the facility.

A web of darkness descends on Dread Hollow as unrest erupts between the followers of legendary witch Mercy Harker and power-hungry necromancer, Olivia Van Mason. Conjuring the dead for battle in this sinister clash for sovereignty, dark forces exact vengeance on anyone who dares to trespass in the killing fields of the covens.

A heavy fog settled across Harbinger Bay shrouds the murky history of depraved river pirate, Captain Cutler. Legends linger of vile deeds executed by Cutler and his black-hearted crew and horrifying creatures summoned from the deep to carry out their bidding. Captured by townsfolk and put to death, the nefarious commander cursed Dread Hollow with his last breath, promising a day of reckoning. Untethered from their watery graves, their trapped souls have been unleashed to seek revenge. Sightings of river beasts lurking in the dark river waters and unearthly shadows seen skittering across the docks have residents convinced they have returned.

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.
Dread Hollow 2020 TSO

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