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X-Room games are a type of real-life physical escape games which require high motivation and concentration. For each session, a group of people will be trapped in one of the theme rooms, trying to find all the clues and solve all the puzzles within a time limit of an hour to escape.

X-Room The Stalker
You have been living in a town since you were little. This town has remained very peaceful until a strange person moved in. He lived alone and never befriended his neighbors. The townspeople noticed that he would always follow children around discreetly but never thought that he would do any harm to anyone until the moment the children went missing. At the same time, this strange person was nowhere to be found! You are the detective in this town and need to get the children back before something terrible happens. Start from the stalker's house! Find what you need in an hour and track him down!
Capacity:2-6 Players

X-Room Top Secret
One of the generals in the army has been compromised, but nobody knows who the betrayer is. The FBI headquarter has taken over the case and assigned you, the top secret agent in the field, to sneak into the enemy's intelligence headquarter and steal the file. The other agents have given their lives to help you detract the people from the office and give you an hour to accomplish your mission. Quick! The enemies are coming back!
Capacity:4-10 Players

X-Room The Mystery in Archaeology
Dr. Williams was a well-known archaeologist who recently discovered a tomb. According to the resources and what he has already seen in the tomb, he knew there was something wrong. He built an office near the tomb and studied it for months. One day, he and his two assistants went down to the tomb again, but the tomb collapsed. They got trapped underground, and the air was running out! You are the students of Dr. Williams who came to visit him. You know there is not enough time for the rescue team to come, so you have to use what you have learned to rescue Dr. Williams before the air runs out. Don't forget, this is not a regular tomb!
Capacity:6-10 Players

X-Room Time Continum
The biggest innovation of the human history is here. You and your team have established the first time machine in the world. Unfortunately, there has been an accident. The time machine has somehow activated and sent your whole crew to an unknown place. As the innovator, you need to act fast to restore the time; otherwise, all of you will be lost in the time continuum!
Capacity:4-8 Players

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.

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