Trapology Boston

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Trapology Boston is a real-life adventure escape game that offers an interactive experience, one where you and your teammates are locked in a thematic environment for 60 minutes. You have mission: Escape! The Trapology Boston game experience immerses players into a different world with a completely different agenda. Each of Trapology’s games has a unique and suspenseful storyline, which will unfold as you and your team meticulously explore the room and search for clues. Communication and teamwork are integral to success. Work together to solve a series of connected mind-bending riddles and brainteasers. All will ultimately lead the team to the final puzzle, which will hold the key that will allow you to escape.

Drunk Tank Tickets
A Boston cop decides that you and your rowdy friends are having a bit too much fun during your pub crawl. He throws you and the drunkards into the Charles St. Jail drunk tank. You pass out. When you wake up, still in the jail cell, you realize something feels off. Explore your cell and uncover clues about where you really are, who really put you there, and escape before someone comes back and finds out your escape plan.

The Husler
A little blackjack here… a little mah jong there… and before you know it, you’ve amassed a healthy debt. You knew that getting involved in the gambling ring behind a well-known Chinese restaurant in Chinatown was a bad idea. Now, you are unable to pay your debt. You have one hour to get out of the locked room the triads put you in before they reach your home and shakedown your family.

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.

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