The Exit Room

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The Exit Room is a premier escape adventure with four uniquely themed rooms, located in Historic Downtown Lee's Summit, Missouri.

The Surgery
The great enjoyment of traveling overseas is experiencing new cultures and people. But there are risks inherent with every great adventure. You and your friends are experiencing the trip of a lifetime. You have been staying at a small hostel on the edge of town and on your last night you are invited to dine with the elderly proprietress who owns the establishment. Having arrived before dinner is ready, you are shown to a parlor and offered a small cup of tea. Suddenly, your heads begin to spin and everything starts to grow hazy. Your last cogent memory before you all lose consciousness is the sound of laughter coming from the next room.

Sometime later, you awake and realize that your surroundings have changed. Your eyes slowly adjust to take in a dark, dismal surgical room filled with evidence of recent medical procedures. You don’t know where you are or what your captor plans, but your imagination leads you to horrific possibilities. The one thing you clearly understand is that your life is very much in peril. You and your friends are desperate to escape before your trip of a lifetime becomes the last vacation all of you will ever take.

Midnight at Ravenloft
Strange happenings are afoot around Castle Ravenloft, the ancestral home of Lord Stracht. The gates have been locked for months and no one seems to be coming or going. The gardens and groves have overgrown and ghostly sounds can be heard echoing across the estate every night. Some in the village say that the master of the castle has gone mad. Others insist that he is long-since deceased. Some even whisper that he has become one of the dastardly undead, having pledged his soul to the shadows. Whatever the truth, your team of investigators has been retained to enter the castle to find and uncover the secret behind the darkness that has enveloped Ravenloft.

Baroness Hedda VonTressen, the last-known descendant of Family Stracht, meets you at the train station imploring you to hurry to the castle. She tells you of the latest rumor spreading through the village. It seems that Lord Stracht’s ninetieth birthday is tomorrow and the townspeople are whispering that, at the stroke of midnight, the immortal soul of Lord Stracht may be forever lost. If he has already turned, then you must find a vial hidden in his chambers which contains the last few ounces of his human essence. Retrieve the vial so that the immortal soul of Lord Stracht may be saved.

The Heist
Your nefarious gang of thieves has been targeting Lloyd’s Bank for several months now. Through careful investigation, you have discovered that an alternate entry to the bank may possibly be accessed through an adjoining apartment building. Whether or not this is true, you have yet to confirm. But, if this bank job is going to happen, you must act quickly. Just recently, Lloyds Bank has announced its intent to close down this local branch and move into the city. Time is running out.

Through the hasty examination of old blue prints, your gang has identified which apartment might be the one to give you access to the bank. The apartment, however, is occupied. Fortunately, its tenant is a man who seems to keep a fairly rigid schedule. Like he does at this same time every evening, the man is leaving his apartment to have dinner at the café on the corner. Time is of the essence as he is never gone long. As he exits the building you slip in behind him. You have exactly one hour to find out if his apartment truly does have access to the bank.

Legacy Lost
You have always been interested in the life and adventures of Clive Plitger. Professor Plitger was famous for his lifetime obsession with treasure hunting, but his eccentric and reclusive nature led him to be very secretive with the results of his decades of adventures.Plitger’s recent death has left many unanswered questions. Rumors are surfacing about lost riches secreted away before the professor’s demise and you know of many rival treasure hunters eager to recover the legacy of the great man for their very own.

Your studies of Plitger’s papers and documents have led you to believe that there truly is a treasure to be found, and your search has led you to the professor’s remote estate. Other competitors, however, have caught wind of your suspicions. Especially concerning to you is that Professor Plitger’s long-time colleague and rival, Victoria Farnsworth, and her team of mercenary treasure hunters have been shadowing you and are close behind. You have arrived only minutes ahead of the others and you don’t have much time to waste. You must find the treasure… if it even exists.

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