NM Escape Room

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The NM Escape Room is a fun, new, & unique entertainment experience! Each escape scenario is a real-life, interactive adventure designed for groups of friends, family or co-workers. Your objective is simple; with only 60 minutes you must work together, find clues, decode messages and solve puzzles to unlock the door to freedom.

The Unpublished
Setting: 70s Bachelor Pad w/ a Gov't Conspiracy Theme
You are a reporter for the Daily Examiner in 1974. A trusted colleague, and friend of yours, was working on a major breakthrough in the Watergate scandal. A break so big that it could possibly uncover a connection between JFK’s assassination and the bugging of the DNC headquarters. The night before the story was to be turned in, your colleague, and friend, has gone missing. You worry that the story he was working on has also disappeared. Fearing the worst, you feel that it is your duty to uncover what he was about to reveal. You have come to visit his home office, to look for clues, and find out what he knew. You intend to find the article he was working on – so that you can finish what he started.

The Cabin
Setting: Serial Killer's Cabin, Murder Mystery
Ever wonder if you have what it takes to catch a killer? There’s a lot to do in Albuquerque, but nothing quite like this! Can you and your team meet the challenge of finding the clues & the murder weapon and escaping without being caught by the killer himself? This second room offers a more advanced, live escape scenario; it should be attempted only if you are brave or have had experience with escape games before.

The Cabin Synopsis: As the lead detective on the murder case you have just received a tip that has led you to the secluded, hunting cabin that the suspected serial killer is said to use as his hideaway. You don’t have enough evidence to get a warrant, you don’t even know the true identity of the killer, and time is of the essence. You must get to the cabin, use the clues to lead you to the true identity of the killer, and escape before he returns. You only have 60 minutes…will you and your team be able to get in, accomplish the task & get out in time?

The Blood Map
Setting: Victorian-Era Office, Western
Ever wonder if you have what it takes to find a hidden treasure map? There’s a lot to do in Albuquerque but nothing quite like this. Can you meet the challenge of finding the map before time runs out? If you’ve never played a live escape scenario experience before, this Victorian themed room is the place to start!

The Blood Map Synopsis: Bob Ford, the man charged with the murder of Jesse James, has found Jesse James’ map to some hidden treasure. Before Ford could find the treasure, he was murdered and the map was never seen again. Rumor has it that the map is hidden somewhere inside Ford’s home office; however, the building is set to be demolished. You must find the treasure map before the building is destroyed. There is only a small window of time (1 hour) to see it through. Unfortunately, you don’t know the whole plan, but luckily there were clues left for you to find. You will just have to figure it out. Do you have what it takes to find the map before time runs out?

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