Mental Trap Escape Room Game

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Attempt to escape this multi-room twisting puzzle with four to ten of your family, friends or co-workers. You and your guests have just One Hour to solve the clues and reveal the mystery to escape. Why play a game on your computer when you can experience it in person? We are great for Company Team Building Events, Family Occasions, Birthdays or just a group of friends looking for a fun and exciting challenge!

The House
Welcome to Mental Trap’s, The House… With a storm starting to rage it’s fury outside, you find yourselves entering a spooky old house. While exploring you and your friends get separated and unwilling become trapped. Following a series of strange, twisted clues and games, you encounter a mischievous cranky ghost who is either attempting to help you escape or wanting to keep you around… Forever !!! You and your team have just 60 minutes to reveal the house’s mysterious history and traps. Will you escape in time?

The Experiment
You and your team of scientists have become part of a twisted game of survival and deception. A demented colleague has taken some of your staff and locked them within a hidden passage of his hidden laboratory so they can become subjects of his medical experiments. In an attempt to save your friends, you unwilling started a chain reaction, reviving a hideous monster. Now it is up to you to outwit this laboratory of traps, and stop this reanimated creature, and get out with your lives… Can you Escape the Experiment?

Escape Blood Forest
Welcome to the terrors of Blood Forest !!! You and your team have stumbled upon the decayed body of a person who you believe was on the path of hunting a Vampire. Now you have become part of this twisted game of whom is hunting who. As you are exploring these dark woods, a creepy mausoleum packed with voodoo and an old abandoned house, you’re gathering artifacts that may save your lives and aid you in your attempts of escaping this dark and demented forest. Warning this is not meant for the weak of heart as this game is packed with realistic gore, naked bodies and violence, fog, strobe lights, artificial smells of decay and death and packed with Fear. It cost $120 for 4 participants.

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.

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