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We put you and your teammates into a room to solve a mystery before the time runs out. Each of our games propels you into a different story line. Your team will work together to search for clues and reveal the hidden objects to help you solve the mystery. You may have seen something like this on a reality TV show, on your phone or in a Movie, but now you can experience it in person. Can you escape before the time runs out? Great for a Date Night, Bachelor Party, Birthday Gift, Team Building Exercise or just a night out with your friends or family!
This is your chance to be part of the game!

The Study - 10 Players

Uncle Henry’s gold has gone missing and you need to help him find it. You enter a Victorian Study in search of the hidden gold. Its like a treasure hunt that takes place in the room. Your team has just 60 minutes to find the gold before Uncle Henry returns or it will remain lost forever.

The Protocol - 10 Players

The location of the Puzzlemaster has been revealed and it’s time for action… You and your investigative team will enter this multi-room experience yielding a tactical walkie talkie in order to communicate with headquarters. Use your investigative wits to find clues that can help you and your team escape the clutches of the infamous Terry Starkweather AKA The Puzzlemaster. You must move fast, you have just 60 minutes to locate the 8 search and seizure reports left behind by the previous investigators, recover 3 pieces of evidence and find the key to escape before he returns.

Cold Case Investigators - 8 Players

You enter this game as Cold Case Investigators doing a crime scene reenactment. During the reenactment, you will be handcuffed with one hand connected to the wall by a 3 foot long chain (this is optional). No Worries… If you reenact this crime there is a safety release so you’re really in control the whole time. Your objective is to gain access to the safe where you will find the key to your freedom. Can you escape?

The Challenge - 10 Players

Innocent people were abducted and found handcuffed and chained to a wall, the victims were left to fend for themselves while playing the Puzzlemaster’s twisted games. Your team will enter the crime scene as Cold Case Investigators. Your mission is to play out the crime as it took place, locate a note and the key to free yourself. The note may just lead you to the Puzzlemaster’s current location. Can you MacGyver your way to beat the Puzzlemaster? During the crime reenactment you will be handcuffed by one hand and connected to the wall by a 3 foot long chain (this is optional). No worries… If you reenact this crime, there is a safety release so you’re really in control the whole time.

The Starship: Space Rescue - 8 Players

Our Newest Game!

You’re teleported aboard the Starship Janus. Once there, you discover that the ship was badly damaged and the crew has jettisoned. The ships systems are down, the power is low and the life support system is failing fast. You have just 60 minutes of oxygen left. Your team must repair all systems, access the bridge and return Janus home before its precious cargo is lost forever. Can you pull your team together to get yourselves home in one piece?

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.
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  • First timer and I couldn't be more satisfied (unless we actually finished the escape)! Friends and family attempt for my birthday and it was an awesome experience despite our shortcoming. The Challenge is not over! We will be back!

    Posted Mar 2017

  • Great time with family!! Would recommend to anyone looking for something exciting to do that's a little difficult but different! So much fun can't wait to do it again.

    Posted Mar 2017

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