It's A Trap Escape Game Winter Park

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It's A Trap! is a live action Escape the Room game with a geek twist.
You and seven other adults are put into a fully themed room. You then have one hour to collaboratively scavenge for clues, decode riddles, and solve puzzles in order to escape. Achieving your goals will progressively tell the story of the world into which you are being immersed. You are also accompanied by a fully costumed character who is part of the world and can give you hints in your most dire moments or reveal hidden story elements.

Imprisoned Creatures
You are simple farmers from a small village experiencing a terrible plague, and as a last resort you begrudgingly go to ask the nearby evil Shadowcaster for help.Upon entering his cottage, you instead find a caged creature. It pipes up and says that the evil Shadowcaster has trapped it, and that it will help you cure your plague, but you must first free it.Can you open its cage before the Shadowcaster returns?

Magic Mirror
Rumor has it that a crazed hermit on the outskirts of town is an evil Shadowcaster, with reports from the village saying that he recently raised the dead! As members of the King’s Guard, you’re sent to investigate, but clearly the hermit is one step ahead of you. As you enter his cottage, you find you are trapped inside as the doors magically seal themselves. The evil wizard will be back soon with reinforcements; can you break the spell in time?

Superhero: Save the City
In the wake of the Lunar Magnet incident that plunged NYC into darkness, Superheroine Clarity is attempting to disrupt Dr. Void’s network and block the device’s signal. However, her mission has been thwarted by an attack on the Champion Squad’s Headquarters! Commissioner Morgan is sending you, the best officers on the force, to assist Clarity in her attempts to take down the evil Dr. Void.

Super Villain: Rule the City
Bring out your villainous side as you join the ranks of Dr. Void's henchmen! Learn the secret identity of our superheroine as you infiltrate her secret lair and assist Dr. Void in completing his heinous plot to put NYC in the shadows forever!

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.
Magic Mirror!

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