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Escape Games Worcester is a real life, live action escape the room game that offers a fully interactive experience. You and your teammates are locked in a room with a mystery that needs to be solved before your time is up. Each of our games has a unique and suspenseful storyline, which will be revealed as you explore the room and search for clues. All clues, puzzles and riddles will ultimately lead you to the final mystery, which will hold the key that will allow you to escape…. Or will it?

Museum Room - Maximum 8 Players
Long ago a clandestine organization used this beautiful art museum as its meeting place. What nefarious deeds were they planning? What clues have been hidden for us to find centuries later? You may have dug too deep because the doors have locked you in, there must be something they don’t want the outside world to know. You’ll have to use cryptology and ingenuity to find out what happened in this very room, or you may be locked in here forever… with the truth.

Crime Scene - Maximum 6 Players
You find yourself working a typical crime scene where a young college student has been murdered. But something doesn’t feel right about this case, it just seems too simple. What secrets lie within this seemingly innocent student’s apartment? Was it a jealous friend, a jilted lover or is there a serial killer on the loose? As a Crime Scene Investigator it’s your job to analyze the evidence and catch the killer before they strike again.

The Conspiracy - Maximum 6 Players
You and your team are rookie detectives from Los Angeles in the 1960’s. A famous celebrity has died and there’s a lot of suspicion surrounding the cause of death. Is this a case of an accidental overdose? Or is there a conspiracy that needs to be revealed? You and your team must work together quickly to determine the cause of death and close the case or expose the corruption from within your own police force. Can you solve the mystery in time or will this forever be a cold case?

The Experiment
You’ve signed up for a simple psychology experiment. You figure you’ll answer a few questions and make a few easy bucks, right? But this experiment forces you to navigate the mind of an unhinged doctor who wants to drag you into his dark world. Do you have the mental fortitude to escape his twisted games? Or will he succeed in driving you mad, committing you to a life inside his cage?

Military Room
As a high ranking official in the army it’s up to you to handle a very public terrorist threat that has just been made on American soil. None of the usual suspects make sense but the mastermind himself has broken into your office and left a series of clues to his identity. Do you play into his mind game if it saves innocent lives? You have to decide quickly because time is running out…

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.

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  • One of the best escape rooms my wife and I have played. Great set design and cool games. Staff is awesome too!

    Posted Oct 2016

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