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Escape Games NYC is a real-life room escape game featuring exciting quests, based in New York City. In our games, each group is enclosed in a room and has 60 minutes to escape the room by solving puzzles, quizzes and brainteasers, using strategy, creativity and logic. Our quests are exciting adventures, which challenges each individual, but are set the way, that you will need your teammate to escape. Our rooms provide a perfect team building activity.

Detective story
Answer a call for help from crime-fighters in a case of underworld corruption. Case File No. 8329 is a mystery not every detective can solve! You will chart the connections and investigate clues from the obscure world of syndicated crime. You’re the detective here! Only your skills and teamwork can make justice prevail, so be all eyes and ears on this one!

This masterpiece incorporates all the classic escape room elements. We designed this adventure to rock your world! It's one of the most awesome games out there so visit us at EscapeGamesNYC and start looking for clues.

Outer space
On the way home from a distant galaxy, your spaceship encounters a serious problem. Even an experienced pilot would find this job demanding! In this game, you have to regain control of the situation to escape the darkness of the universe. Stay focused and get back on course!

This game is high-tech and totally cool! It raises the bar for other
escape rooms out there and brings it to a new level. If you love sci-fi and problem-solving - this is the game for you! "It was the most beautiful game we set foot in."

John Doe
Strange noises, suspicious activity in the night and antisocial behavior from your neighbor have piqued your curiosity. Who is John Doe? What is he hiding? Step into his lair and reveal his secrets, but beware: he’s coming home soon. Don’t let him catch you!

Thrilling and challenging – This amazing game room is our hardest
yet. It will send shivers up your spine and test your logic. We don't recommend this room for the faint of heart, and have a strict 14 years + policy.

The Experiment
You wake up and find yourselves in a mysterious cube shaped room. Who put you here? How can you get out? What is ‘The Experiment’? As time winds down you will start to wonder if the experiment… is you!

Our latest game is beautiful to behold and will excite the imagination. Experience some of our most clever and interactive games yet as you navigate the amazing, hand crafted puzzles.

All of our rooms are private games. Bring your own team of up to 7 players, and have a blast!

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.

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