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Did you ever dream of being an FBI agent? Or think about banding together to fight evil on Earth? Want to visit a parallel universe where everything is strange but also familiar? Or how about valiantly fixing a submarine before it sinks to the ocean floor? It’s time to immerse yourself.

Escapedom gives you the opportunity to leave the world you know for one hour and immerse yourself in ours. This real life experience is the latest in escape room entertainment for people of all interests and backgrounds! At Escapedom we offer the perfect alternative to watching a movie. We’ve designed experiences for you which will mirror your memories of first contemplating the The Matrix or unraveling Inception.

The Lair
For years, the FBI has been searching for the headquarters of America’s most notorious and elusive drug lord, known only by his code name, the “Dollmaker”. Today new information is available to you and your team. Thanks to an informant who sacrificed his life for the cause, the location of The Lair is now revealed—and we’re flying you straight to it.

Your mission is critical. Hidden inside The Lair is a weapon of mass destruction armed with a one hour timer that starts counting down upon your arrival. With sixty minutes remaining you must search the room for clues, and defuse the weapon, saving yourselves and everyone else. You must think like the Dollmaker, a resourceful and creative mastermind who built a criminal empire. Unravel his twisted logic and the secrets of The Lair will manifest themselves to you. Trust each other, trust yourself and avoid a catastrophic finale.

The Den of the Occult
Available for reservations around mid November and thereafter. Since this is a new room, we will be in beta testing through the first week of December, so please bear with us. Situated in the French Quarter of New Orleans you’ve recently learned of the death of a close friend and heroine, Madame Geneviève. Clues surrounding her death are vague, however; you and a group of adventurers belonging to a secret society known as The Mercenaries have been on the hunt for evil doers from The Den of the Occult.

Last you knew, Madame Geneviève was heroically trying to seal curses cast by Occult members on the population of New Orleans. Do you and your fellow Mercenaries possess the savoir-faire to pick up where Madame Geneviève left off, knowing the lives of New Orleans’ residents rest in your hands!?

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.

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