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Escape in time and get your group photo on our Escapee wall so your friends can all take note of just how smart you really are. After your first escape, you'll be hooked. Which is why we have three scenarios, each requiring varying levels of ninja-like brain powers, running all at the same time! Ushering in a new era of interactive entertainment, escape-themed games bring a broad range of excitement and emotions as you learn just how good (or bad) you are at working with a team of people you may not even know to reach the same goal.

The Curse of Jackling Manor (6-8 Players)
Part 1 of 3....You and a friend decide to walk down old Spooky Hollow Road, when you begin to approach the Old Jackling Mansion. On a dare you decide to head inside, despite your better judgement. What you find inside isn’t quite as terrifying as the fact that the door slams shut behind you. You run to the door to open it, when you realize you are trapped! Will you be able to find a way out or will you be forced to spend the night inside the Jackling Mansion?

Laboratory 13 (6-8 Players)
Part 2 of 3....Date: 1860 - As a detective you are working on an abducted child case. A recent tip sends you to an abandoned warehouse. The report states the that the child may be in the area. Upon arrival, you find a secret research facility that houses complex advanced technology. As you radio for backup, someone hits you over the head and you lose consciousness. When you wake, you realize you are trapped. Will you decipher the technology and escape before the kidnapper returns?

The Office (8-10 Players)
You and your co-workers are gathered in your office for a late night meeting. Suddenly, you hear a scream and the door slams shut and locks. As you scramble to make sense of it all, you begin to notice messages appear within the room. Will these messages lead you to freedom?

The Playroom (6-8 Players)
You and your friends have been kidnapped and you wake up in this playroom. Fortunately, those who successfully escaped before you left clues to help guide you toward the exit. Can you find and decode the hidden messages in time?

Chemlock Holmes (6-8 Players)
As Chemlock Holmes, you are investigating a crime scene. Drug traffickers have been cooking up something illegal and you have stumbled upon their secret lab. Will you find what you need and escape before they return and lock you in forever? Due to the theme of this room, it is suggested for those 18 and older.

Vacances de Famille (Family Vacation) (6-12 Players)
It's the last day of your family vacation, you have had such a great time in Paris and hate to leave. While in a mad rush packing your belongings, you realize the airplane tickets are missing! There's not enough time to retrace your steps.... Will you find your airplane tickets in time or will you miss your flight?

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