Break Out Myrtle Beach

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Find hidden clues, crack codes, and find your way out! Our interactive escape rooms will challenge and entertain you like never before! Can you Break Out?

Red Beard's Revenge
You and your pirate crew will race against time to find Black Beards hidden treasure. You'll need to work together to get past the traps and tricks that Black Beard and his men have strategically placed to protect it. You already have the map but you won't find the spot marked X if you miss any steps or clues along the way. Find the treasure and escape before Black Beard's ship returns or you and your crew will walk the plank.
Number of Players: 10

Serial Killer
A cruel serial killer has trapped you and your friends in his house to play his unusual games of torture and despair. Now he is testing your basic knowledge to see if you are smart enough to escape the rooms of doom that he has created. You and your teammates have to use logic, problem solving skills and creativity to survive, but you've got only 60 minutes. Soon you will realize that time is your worst enemy...
Number of Players: 10

CSI Myrtle Beach
You and your CSI team must hurry to find the clues and solve the case of the Myrtle Murderer. He has alerted the press that he will strike again in one hour and the city is in a panic. You must save the day by working together and finding the clues to uncover his identity. Hurry, time is not on your side!
Number of Players: 10

Bank Heist
Everyone wants to live large, right? Don't have enough money to make it happen? So why don't you gather some of your friends and try to rob our bank. We're giving you 60 minutes to try and find ways to unlock the fortunes behind the high security vault doors. Want to hear our best advice? Of course you do! Get in, get the money and get out before the time runs out!
Number of Players: 10

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