Can You Make it Out in Time? How to Survive Your Very First Escape Game!


Escape Games have become a popular way to challenge yourself and tons of people are participating, channeling their inner Nancy Drew. If you're interested in checking out an Escape Game but aren't quite sure what to expect - we've got you covered! 

The most important part of the game is to of course, have fun! But you'll also need to focus and put your skills to the test, all while working together with your group. Here are some pointers for those who may be trying out their first Escape Game, or for anyone who feels they need some practice for the next one!

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  • Take in Your Surroundings 
    Upon entering the Escape Room, take a good look around to see where you are and what you have to work with. Glance at the items around the room, photos on the walls, along with hard to see spots around the room. Chances are your key to the exit isn't going to be out in the open.

  • Work Together
    It's important to listen to those in the room with you, they may be strangers if you don't bring too many people along, but they could have the answer to escaping! Take the time to hear their opinions, all while coming up with your own ideas.

  • Put Your Thinking Cap On
    Focus is key here! Let your mind wander and see what it can come up with, sometimes when you let your thoughts flow - the answer flows, too! Anything you see that may be a clue, be sure to let your teammates know about it. 

  • Work Fast, But Smart
    Since you will be timed (most escape rooms have a 60 minute time limit), you will want to work as diligently as possible, all while assuring your going at a good pace. 

  • Stay Calm and Have Fun!
    If time is running out and you and your group don't have enough clues yet, stay calm! If you become frantic, the less chances you have of figuring out an escape plan. And if worse comes to worse, you get to have fun while challenging yourself to this popular puzzle!

Photo by Ekk814, via Pixabay | https://pixabay.com/en/time-clock-evening-black-white-1247009/

Have some Escape Game tips you'd like to share with us? Comment below!


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