Epic Escape Rooms Brooklyn Haunted Edition

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Epic Escape Rooms Brooklyn offers a thrilling & challenging, live escape game in a themed escape room where you & your team must work together to find clues, riddles, solve them & escape the room in 60 Minutes or less. Brooklyn's newest escape room.

The Taken:
The maniac is not your typical Serial Killer. Instead of plain and simple murder, he prefers the incredibly complicated torture machines. His goal is to make people understand the value and the gift of living - well, at least to those who survive. He has seen something in you and made you his apprentice. However, your devotion is yet to be tested the same and the only way hes capable of testing it!! Dare you find a way to escape?"
* Please note you will start this game handcuffed and must work together as a team to get out of the cuffs. Crawling and Bending are involved. *
Moderately Scary

The Forbidden Forest:
While on vacation your plane unexpectedly crashes. You wake up and find your way into a forest. The spirit of Mizanuki haunts you. This place is beautiful but evil lurks you can feel it. Will you find your way out or be stuck their forever?
Moderately Scary

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