Dead Land Haunted Woods

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Dead Land Scream Park is a one-of-a-kind experience with 3 terrifying attractions open Fridays & Saturday nights in autumn. Each of our outdoor attractions features a walk along a trail in the dark woods with many scares along the way. Along with our attractions, our fresh concessions, a warm bonfire, and a family-friendly atmosphere sets the mood for Halloween fun. We're proud to have grown to become one of Middle Tennessee's most popular haunts - come check out all we have to offer and be prepared to be scared out of your mind!

Experience The Curse, an unguided half-mile walk in the woods! Every piece of land has a history, but no tract of earth has been enveloped in as much tragedy, death, and darkness as the Walker Family Property. For over 150 years, the bloodlust of Herschel, Buford, and Tommy Walker has terrified the Tennessee countryside. Cursed to exist in a state that is neither alive or dead, bound forever to their land, the Walker Brothers continue to blaze a path of destruction and death, leaving a trail of blood and devastation in their wake. While this land may serve as their eternal prison, nothing can contain their rage and thirst for vengeance. From the moment that you breach the threshold of their property, you become their prey. They will hunt you. They will find you, and you will never forget their names. Never has the world known a force as evil or terrifying as the Walker Brothers. Come experience the legend for yourself. You may not leave alive, but you certainly will not leave disappointed.

The Portal - Legends of the Night Have you ever wondered where the stories that haunt your dreams came from? Have you ever wondered the origins of terror itself? Then take a unguided half mile journey through the darkness and come face to face with the legends of the night on The Portal; a terrifying half-mile trek into the very heart of fear. You see, these woods have long been a magnet for paranormal activity, so the discovery of a gateway between dimensions on the property was hardly surprising. Each year at the summer solstice, the gateway is spun on its axis and allows a different dimension to have a doorway into our world. The only way to find out where the solstice has landed the doorway each year is to dare to enter for yourself. In the past, it has opened the gateway to a twisted realm of fairy tales, led many into the domain of movie madness, and been the doorway to the legends of the night that haunt the dreams of millions. Few have lived to tell the tale of who or what lurks past the haunting green lights that mark the entrance, will you be one of the lucky ones who does? Do you dare tempt fate? Do you have the resolve to look fear in the eye and brave the legends of the night? They are simply dying to get new visitors.

Get lost in the Crypt... Rumor has it that there is an off man who lives within the Cauldwell Crypt. No one knows much about him other that he goes by Caretaker. Over time the Dead Land ghost have taken residency within The Crypt and the Caretaker tends to their ghoulish demands. The Crypt is an above ground interactive cemetery. Tread lightly and keep a watchful eye out as you walk among the ghosts of forlorn lovers, wicked women, the damned, and ill-fated along your journey and beware of the Caretaker

Some locations may have last minute updates due to changing circumstances. Please visit the attraction's website and/or social media before going to double-check that they are open.
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